To achieve this, sensors, apps, and other technologies must be used to automate and collect data for knowledge, information, and service.


1. Our Contribution to CSR in Care

At the heart of our mission is the creation of technological solutions designed to improve care in entities and specialized centers dedicated to the care of people with psychic disabilities, mental illnesses, and special abilities. Our platform, called "efizum," uses a range of tools, such as mobile applications, sensors, and data analysis software, to address the specific needs of this audience and the staff who care for them.

The platform covers user competencies and skills assessment, treatment scheduling and tracking, secure communication between professionals and stakeholders, and the inclusion of telepsychiatry technology to support caregivers and monitors.

We express our commitment to CSR by offering solutions for free to all organizations that require them, including care entities, specialized centers, and other service providers. Additionally, we are working on the implementation of blockchain technology to ensure transparency in CSR-related actions and care for individuals.

2. Implementation and Growth

We offer a platform to record your company`s activities, detailing the costs and benefits of its activities to analyze whether the mission has been fulfilled effectively and sustainably. We include all results, both positive and negative, in a private manner so that companies can monitor their decisions and make corrections and improvements. Efficiency begins in the life of each company and also to avoid leaving this fundamental matter of life in society pending.

Scope: Our platform covers a wide range of areas, including:

  • Attendance management, vehicle usage management, tools usage management, work orders and materials, assistance for inventory management, waste management, Fat/Sat (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ), delivery notes/shipments, incidents, interactive ISO and SWOT analysis, training and block management, support, technology, competition, company communications, PPE requests, manual records of equipment, environmental, machine, and human parameters, automatic unalterable parameter records through IoT devices for equipment, environmental, machine, and human parameters. Equipment rental, rotating audits, and evidence, management of employee discount cards and customer loyalty.

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ZUM / Advanced

...all the information on manufacturing or services in a digital information model created by all the involved parties in a TOKEN we call "ZUM" (Zoom Unique Modeling). This represents the evolution of traditional transparency and traceability systems based on design, as it incorporates real-time information on environmental and maintenance costs.

It`s not just a digital platform. It also includes a methodology and associated processes. When an anomaly is detected, it is visually represented at the exact location of the affected sensor, making it easier to implement actions. This tool contributes to decision-making and allows for the implementation of the ideal product twin.

ZUM improves communication by breaking down the barriers between different services (care, cleaning, sports, engineering, maintenance, operation, etc.), allowing them to use a unique and common tool.

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